Monday, June 17, 2013

An Auspicious Beginning

This all started as a way to stop using physical media (DVDs), while travelling with my kids in our 2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L. The DVDs are always scratched and skipping, the kids are always whining about it and changing discs while driving (at night, in a thunderstorm) can be dangerous!

After one such trip, I came into work the next morning and was complaining about the harrowing journey and the DVDs. I said to my co-workers " there a hard drive that you can plug into your car to play movies from?" one of them replied "Raspberry Pi and RaspBMC..." that started the odyssey I am about to chronicle for you here.

This blog is somewhat after the fact, but I will try and write the steps down in the order that I took them and enumerate the approaches I took while trying to hack my way through the various hardware and Linux commands I came into contact with along the way.

Fair warning: I am not a Linux guy. There were many stumbles along the way and I read many forum postings with scathing remarks about how the "Linux people" did not know how to describe something for non Linux folks. That is the reason I am making this blog, to let you know how a schlub like me got something this cool up and running.